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About Us

Based in St. Louis, Mo., Q Performance LLC (formerly Gateway Chemical LLC) supplies high-quality cleaning solutions at a fair value to leading foodservice companies throughout North America. Supporting food production, warehousing, distribution, and quick service restaurants, Q Performance designs and distributes products that extend equipment life and enhance brand trust. With four decades of experience in industrial chemical manufacturing and operations, the company provides best-in-class procurement services to help foodservice industry customers succeed. A Golden State Foods partnership, Q Performance provides a comprehensive product line-up that expertly handles the toughest, dirtiest messes because clean is quality.

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For more than 40 years, the Q Performance team has guided leading foodservice industry companies with dedicated expertise and continuous improvement to support customers’ success through the procurement of quality cleaning solutions. Q Performance President Doug Lorenz perpetuates the company’s successful legacy of values-driven leadership, service excellence, and product quality.


Q Performance associates are deeply committed to their customers, each other, and the Q Performance Creed and Values. These aren’t just words, or just a mission statement, they are a way of living, a way of doing business, and a reflection of the positive change that we would like to see in the world.

Our Creed

We believe in God and the dignity of all people.

We believe that people should be treated as we would like to be treated, and this applies to all of our associates, their families, our customers and suppliers, and to all others with whom we do business.

We believe that successful independent business is the backbone of nations, and that our success is dependent upon the success of our customers, and that only by working together can the ultimate success of all partners be assured.

We, therefore, dedicate ourselves to work for our mutual success and pledge our best efforts always toward the attainment of our common goals.

Our Values

Treat others like you want to be treated.

Make the best product.

Give the customer a fair deal.

Maintain the highest standards.

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