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Q Performance debuts its comprehensive collection of best-in-class cleaning solutions for food production facilities, distribution centers, warehouses, and restaurants.

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (July 7, 2021)

This month, Q Performance LLC debuts its comprehensive product line of industrial chemical solutions, designed for the highest-quality cleanliness throughout the foodservice industry. From the manufacturing facility to the warehouse, the distribution center to the restaurant, Q Performance provides best-in-class cleaning product procurement services to help customers maintain the highest standards of cleanliness—because clean is quality.

“Whether it’s cleaning building exteriors, glass surfaces, warehouse floors, or quick service restaurants, this newly branded collection of Q Performance products effectively enhance brand image and extend equipment life through cleanliness,” said Doug Lorenz, President, Q Performance. “For more than 40 years, the Q Performance team has guided leading foodservice industry companies with our dedicated expertise and continuous improvement to support our customers’ success through the procurement of quality cleaning solutions at a fair value.”

For tractor-trailer trucks and other commercial vehicles, Q Performance offers products to keep foodservice fleets clean and well-maintained. Some of these products include:

  • Q Fleet Wash, a liquid high-performance fleet, truck, and equipment wash to remove tough road grime and oil from tractor-trailers

  • Q Gleam Sheen, which removes fingerprints and dirt from smooth painted, glass, and chrome surfaces for a brilliantly shiny finish

  • Q Icy Shine, an ultimate automotive interior dressing and protectant that restores that “like new” appearance

Q Performance provides production and logistics facilities, as well as restaurant locations, many solutions to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness, such as:

  • Q Enzyme Floor Cleaner, which feeds on and removes fats, oils, grease and petroleum-based stains

  • Q Freezer Cleaner, a sub-zero cleaner that will not freeze and removes tough grease, detergent, and surface soils from freezer floors, walls, and equipment

  • Q Glass Flash, a ready-to-use, concentrated, streak-free glass cleaner that leaves a crystal-clear finish

  • Q Glory, a one-of-a-kind hyper-concentrated, all-purpose industrial cleaner and degreaser that cuts through dirt, grease, and grime

  • Q Green Floor Cleaner, a concentrated, eco-friendly, multi-surface liquid floor cleaner for automatic floor scrubbers to easily remove dirt and restore shine

  • Q Lift Off, a ready-to-use general purpose spray and wipe cleaner to quickly dissolve grease, grime, food stains, and oil-based soils from conveyors, pallet racking, walls, equipment, and other surfaces

  • Q Orange Krush, a D-lime-based cleaner to remove tough stains and soils, including forklift tire marks

  • Q Performance Spill Kits, for emergency response with Qwik Sorbent to absorb spills

  • Qwik Sorbent, a liquid spill cleanup solution that soaks up grease, water, oil, and more to leave floors bone dry

Available through the Q Performance online ordering portal, these products and more come in various volumes, including bottles, cases, pails, and drums. For pricing and more information, visit


About Q Performance Based in St. Louis, Mo., Q Performance LLC (formerly Gateway Chemical LLC) supplies high-quality cleaning solutions at a fair value to leading foodservice companies throughout North America. Supporting food production, warehousing, distribution, and quick service restaurants, Q Performance designs and distributes products that extend equipment life and enhance brand trust. With four decades of experience in industrial chemical manufacturing and operations, the company provides best-in-class procurement services to help foodservice industry customers succeed. A Golden State Foods partnership, Q Performance provides a comprehensive product line-up that expertly handles the toughest, dirtiest messes because clean is quality.

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