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This week, Q Performance debuts its collection of four new product videos, now available for viewing at In addition to an overview of the Q Performance product line, three short videos feature key products and their capabilities.

The three product-specific videos highlight Q Glory, a specially formulated, hyper-concentrated degreaser; Qwik Sorb, a solution that absorbs spills instantly; and Q Green Floor Cleaner, an excellent performance cleaner for commercial kitchens, restaurants and cafeterias. Beyond these featured products, Q Performance offers a comprehensive line of industrial chemical solutions, designed for the highest-quality cleanliness throughout the foodservice industry.

“We are so pleased to share this high-quality new video series with our current Q Performance customers and with foodservice industry businesses that are exploring our product line to help their operations succeed,” said Doug Lorenz, President, Q Performance.

From the manufacturing facility to the warehouse, the distribution center to the restaurant, Q Performance provides best-in-class cleaning product procurement services to help customers maintain the highest standards of cleanliness—Because Clean Is Quality.

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